7 Reasons to Invest in Forest Town Islamabad & Rawalpindi 2022

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If you are a people person or like to keep it to yourself, Forest Town Islamabad is the perfect choice for a modern, sustainable, and idyllic living in the country’s capital. 

Confused about where to invest in Islamabad-Rawalpindi? By the end of this article, you will be sold on the perfect;

  • Location
  • Infrastructure 
  • Accessibility
  • Modernity 
  • Aesthetics 
  • Budget Pricing  

Of forest town Islamabad and Rawalpindi. 

So keep your checkbook and keys ready to head off to Tajweez Properties – the official partner of Forest Town Islamabad-Rawalpindi. 

Forest Town Islamabad

It is a perfect housing scheme for budget/luxury housing in the surroundings of the capital -Islamabad. 

You get the best lifestyle amenities and a perfect investment prospect, all combined in one amazing opportunity. The developers have fulfilled the application process of NOC approvals, and the housing society is next in line to receive its legal status – even before this, investors are lining up to take their share of the luck by making early investments in forest town. 

The housing scheme offers high-end and essential facilities for residents and investors for a tranquil lifestyle. Surely, forest town is surging up to become the next big investment/residential opportunity in the surroundings of Islamabad. 

7 Reasons why you must Invest in Forest Town Islamabad

There are many critical reasons to make Forest Town Islamabad your next home. Let’s look into them one by one;

Ideal Location and Accessibility 

Want a home that has ideal proximity to all major necessities of life? 

The location of the forest town is the most vital part that only is worth an investment. The site is in near proximity to Rawalpindi Ring Road. It is easily accessible from the city Railway Station, Faisal Mosque, Islamabad International Airport, Ring Road Interchange, T-Chowk, and more. 

All of these major sites’ nearness to Forest Town Islamabad boost the approachability of the project from all corners – a fine combination of luxury and accessibility.

Check out the updates on Blue World City too.  

Easy on the Pocket Housing 

Forest town is the ideal budget-friendly housing scheme surrounding Islamabad – being highly affordable and offering the highest value of money, according to many investors. You can opt for the installment plan provision at the already reasonable land pricing. 

The installment plan is curated to encourage future residents and investors alike to make a long-term investment in forest town Islamabad. 

The pre-launch pricing starts from 790,000 to 2,2590,000 PKR. 

Also, get in touch for Park View City pricing plans too. 

Ecological Residences 

Are you excited to live in an Urban Forest? 

As the name suggests, the eco-friendly housing society promotes an urbanized forest and greenery for the residential community. By following the urban town planning standards in the construction process, the town plans to decrease wastage for a greener and more sustainable living. 

The plantation drives are all the rage in the community to make it a greener, safer living area.  

Accessibility to important necessities of life 

You won’t have to worry about the essentials of life – as future residents will have all the basic facilities right in Forest town Islamabad. 

Society will have abundant and uninterrupted gas, electricity, and water supply for a sustainable living standard. These facilities will be available to residents 24/7 to make a peaceful lifestyle a reality in Forest Town Islamabad. 

Education and Health Hubs 

Educational and health hubs will help attain top-quality educational, medicinal, and medical facilities for providing a top-quality lifestyle to future residents and investors. The forest town healthcare centers will remain operational 24/7, catering to emergency cases. 

Enclosed and Secure Community

The town is planned to be a secured and gated community to make the security of the residents a chief priority. Society will have a mesh of CCTV cameras that will function to record all activities in the community. 

Forest town security personnel and guards will be on their duty mitigating an inconvenient situation and overall security status quo.

A business hub? 

For sure. 

Forest town Islamabad is slated to become the business hub of the future. 

Plenty of commercial properties are up for grabs in Forest town, ensuring that future residents grow financially. The massive number of commercial land/plots in the town will help investors and future residents to start their businesses. The infrastructure of commercial properties is developed on state-of-the-art modern principles. 

The best part of commercial properties is their affordable pricing and ease of payment. 

Final Thoughts 

Forest town Islamabad is one of the poshest and most modern residential projects in Islamabad – with the real estate prices to balloon up shortly – forest town is a perfect investment opportunity.

Forest town is also more than an investment – the promise of a luxurious and green lifestyle awaits you in the heart of an urban forest. The residential area is complete with the necessities of life and holds the most value compared to other options in terms of pricing, lifestyle, ease of payment, and more.

Let’s talk more about it. Visit us at Tajweez Properties – your real property partner. 

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