Blue World City and Naya Pakistan Housing Project by Imran Khan

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Due to its rapid expansion and future ambitions, Blue World City Islamabad will be the best investment opportunity in Pakistan. Four years ago, people who invested in this society have seen their plot value double. It was built by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) in partnership with the highly well-known Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company and is located near the Chakri Interchange and the recently proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road.

It is currently one of the most cost-effective residential projects in the area, and it is well-known among investors. This is the best option for those looking to invest in a large-scale housing project with a high return on investment. Blue World City also provides online services such as online payment plans, certificate registration, application status, and online verification.

Awami residential complex, Orbital apartments, Awami villas, Blue World Economic Zone, Blue Hills Country Farms, Overseas Block, and General Block are all part of Blue World. 

And for a variety of reasons, Blue World City Islamabad is regarded as one of the most appealing investment destinations. However, the role of Imran Khan’s Blue World City and Naya Pakistan Housing Project has piqued investors’ interest. CEO Saad Nazir has indicated that the company will provide significant support to Imran Khan’s new vision. Imran Khan has announced the Naya Pakistan Housing Project, which aims to improve Pakistan’s real estate market. This concept aims to equip low-income Pakistanis with a way to live in luxury at a reasonable cost. This is also the goal of this housing project, hence the administration of Blue World City has opted to participate in Imran Khan’s new Naya Pakistan Housing Project. It’s also worth noting that CEO Saad Nazir is the son of a former Lahore deputy commissioner. As a result, this endeavor is one of Saad Nazir’s numerous successful real estate ventures that have risen to prominence in the Pakistani real estate business. Tajweez Properties is creating one-of its kind contemporary real estate platform that combines the industry’s best talent with the latest technology to make the buying and selling process easier and smoother.

CEO Saad Nazir’s Announcement

While the government was fighting the COVID-19 virus and commercial operations had halted, Blue World City stepped forward to support Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan Housing Program. Mr. Saad Nazir, the CEO of Blue World City, attended the Corona Relief Fund Raising Ceremony and presented PM Imran Khan with a check for 2 crore rupees as a donation. He admired Prime Minister Harper’s ambition for the real estate and construction industries and wished to contribute to the 5 million houses in 5 years goal.

CEO Saad Nazir declared the Blue Group of Company’s willingness to participate in the Naya Pakistan Housing Initiative at a recent Corona Relief Fund event. The NYHP will have 50,000 flats and 5000 homes, according to CEO Saad Nazir. In addition, Saad Nazir made a donation of PKR 2 crore to the Corona Relief Fund. The Pakistani government was pleased with the statement, and Prime Minister Imran Khan recently encouraged the RDA to expedite the NOC certification process for private housing societies, including Blue World City.

Mr. Saad Nazir stated that his “Blue World City” project encompasses over 100,000 kanals of land and that he will donate a substantial portion of developed land to Imran Khan’s low-cost housing effort. Blue World City will construct the residences, while the government will receive the apartment land. Property values in the society are projected to climb substantially higher than existing value once the idea is authorized and actual development in Blue World City under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program begins. This is a positive development for people who have previously invested in society or are considering doing so in the future.

Imran Khan’s Vision for Real Estate Sector

During the recent COVID 19 crisis, the real estate sector provided a lifeline for the country’s entire economy. Imran Khan wanted this sector to grow despite the challenges because it employs a big number of Pakistanis. As a result, the PTI administration announced a slew of incentives for the real estate sector. This enables Blue World City and Naya Pakistan Housing Project to share similar goals in terms of creating job opportunities for Pakistanis. Another goal was to provide low-cost luxury houses to Pakistani individuals with low incomes. With the development of Blue World City Islamabad, this ambition is becoming a reality.

The prime minister assessed the project’s progress and ordered it to be finished as quickly as feasible. The Naya Pakistan housing plan intends to give low-cost housing to Pakistanis. Prime Minister Imran Khan had previously been informed that remittances totaling more than $3 billion had been received through Roshan Digital Accounts (RDA). He instructed the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to make online remittances to Pakistanis living abroad possible through the RDA. He was thoroughly briefed on the RDA initiative’s outstanding success.

“We are taking historic initiatives to ensure the convenience of our overseas Pakistanis,” the Prime Minister stated. He went on to say that government initiatives like allowing Pakistanis living abroad voting rights and issuing power of attorney and succession certificates online would have far-reaching implications for their well-being and convenience.

Finance Minister Shaukat Fayyaz Tarin, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistan Ayub Afridi, Governor SBP Dr. Reza Baqir, and other key officials attended the meeting.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the prime minister said the government protected the economically disadvantaged areas by using smart lockdown rather than outright lockdown. He emphasized that the government’s response to the issue has been praised all across the world.

Blue World City Homes and Apartments in NPHP 

Another goal shared by Blue World City and Naya Pakistan Housing Project is to develop vertical infrastructures rather than horizontal infrastructures. Imran Khan has mentioned this in his recent talks as well. Building housing developments on agricultural land can never meet the country’s housing demands. This is why Blue World City and the Naya Pakistan Housing Project aim to give people more than simply houses. According to Saad Nazir’s declaration, the Naya Pakistan Scheme for real estate will build 50,000 units in Blue World City. This would meet the housing needs of over 50,000 families while also giving Pakistan economic strength and vigor.


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