List Of Eco-Friendly Housing Societies In Islamabad

by | May 19, 2022 | Tips

Societies have grown in sync with the rapid increase in population demand for homes. Many housing societies are noted for their environmentally friendly practices, and many are also known for their luxury lifestyles. In Pakistan, housing societies such as Blue World City in Islamabad are recognized for thematic recreational sites or Masjids. Every day, the property market in Pakistan improves. For all the right reasons, it is regarded as one of the top business ventures in the country. Once you begin investing in Pakistani real estate, you will enjoy high profits, security, and financial freedom.

Islamabad is often recognized as one of Pakistan’s cleanest and greenest cities, and it provides residents with a pleasant way of life. As a result of the increasing population, the city is now multiplying and evolving with time, and a lot of eco-friendly housing societies in Islamabad are now taking over the housing regime. The requirements for sanitation and environmental protection set by the government of Islamabad are not met by all of these developments. A housing society that is developing or created on the basis of sustainability is referred to as eco-friendly. An eco-friendly house is one that has a low environmental impact and is primarily planned and built with technology and materials that reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption. The development of an eco-friendly housing society takes into account an environmentally friendly and sustainable strategy.

Tajweez Properties has always aimed to provide comprehensive information about Pakistan’s housing societies, and today we’ve compiled a list of the country’s most eco-friendly housing societies in Islamabad. One of the most prominent elements of Pakistani housing plans is an environmentally friendly approach.

Capital Smart City

Following the success of Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad, the renowned Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd. is launching another project, Capital Smart City, in the capital of Pakistan. Pakistan’s Capital Smart City is the country’s first smart city. Its goal is to offer citizens the greatest and healthiest living possible. Capital Smart Metropolis, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, has established a high environmental quality. To that end, they pay close attention to the environment while planning and building the project. It has also set aside around 30% of the overall land area for green parks and topography. That is why it is known as Pakistan’s most environmentally friendly metropolis. HRL has a long and illustrious history in the construction and real estate industries, having completed a number of notable projects. A trademark project in Islamabad, this development is based on the concept of environmentally friendly housing communities, which is one of the company’s trademarks.

Residents of this project will be able to live in an environmentally friendly atmosphere because of the abundance of natural features on the property. Among the highlights are a panda reserve for wildlife as well as an 18-hole golf course with lush scenery and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. As part of their smart homes, Capital Smart City intends to incorporate smart waste management technologies as well as automated processes.

Park View City Islamabad

Affluent Park View City Islamabad is widely considered as one of Islamabad’s most environmentally friendly home developments. This is due to the fact that the housing society is surrounded by lush green mountains and scenic landscapes, which adds to the appeal. Park View City Islamabad is endowed with natural beauty as a result of this feature, and residents of this housing complex may expect to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle amid the serene Bani Gala mountains. Here are some of the advantages of an eco-friendly housing society. Natural water flow and a wonderful view of the hills have been preserved by the organization. You can relax in the natural setting and tranquil surroundings. Because of the peaceful surroundings, the weather is cool and pleasant.

Popular housing society for individuals seeking beautiful greenery and a pleasant and tranquil setting. Abdul Aleem Khan’s housing society offers eco-friendly amenities as well as modern conveniences such as 24-hour utility availability and a freeload shedding site. Because of this, now is an excellent time to make an investment in Park View City Islamabad, as prices are expected to grow considerably in the next months, offering investors the opportunity to make significant profits in the future. 

Islamabad Model Town

Along with Park View City Islamabad, Islamabad Model Town is a comparable project that is being developed in Islamabad. Given the fact that Islamabad Model Town is a newly established property on the verge of expansion, the cost in Islamabad Model Town is relatively reasonable when compared to the pricing in Park View City. It is anticipated that the value of this enterprise will increase over the following six months, and those who invest now will reap the benefits. But, let’s get back to the primary point! Islamic Republic of Pakistan Model Town is well-known for its environmentally friendly and natural characteristics. In the heart of Islamabad, near the Simly Dam, Chak Shahzad, and Bani Gala, Model Town Islamabad is one of the cleanest and greenest housing developments in the city. The housing society is surrounded by rich natural settings and provides all of the essential conveniences for a comfortable way of living. In this way, investing in Model Town is an investment in the long-term viability of a safe and hygienic home development project.

Living a healthy lifestyle necessitates being ecologically responsible. Pakistani developers and construction companies are becoming increasingly conscious of sustainability issues. As a result, investors now have access to more environmentally friendly housing societies than they did a few years ago.


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