List of Legal RDA Approved Housing Societies in Rawalpindi

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Rawalpindi is one of the subcontinent’s oldest cities, having a wealth of features going back to antiquity. Rawalpindi, unlike its neighboring planned metropolis of Islamabad, is unplanned. Rawalpindi’s growth was haphazard, with business zones and dwellings constructed at a breakneck pace with little or no symmetry. Tajweez Properties is creating one-of its kind contemporary real estate platform that combines the industry’s best talent with the latest technology to make the buying and selling process easier and smoother.

What is RDA, and why is it important?

Rawalpindi Development Authority is abbreviated as RDA. It’s a self-governing regulatory body entrusted with providing Rawalpindi citizens with municipal services. These services are offered to citizens with the money earned via taxes. This organization is currently the most important in terms of monitoring the development of new housing societies in the city. This is partly because it ensures that all development standards are met and that individuals are protected from fraudulent operations. These organizations have a significant impact on Pakistan’s real estate sector.

The certification of the RDA is critical for housing societies to demonstrate to potential consumers that their real estate offerings are completely legal. It is difficult for a housing society to operate in Pakistan’s real estate market without the consent of these regulators. It will lead to reduced sales and larger losses in the long run.

To learn more about the steps involved in establishing a housing society, go visit the website. Also, scroll down to see a list of RDA approved housing socities.

Capital Smart City

It was advertised as Pakistan’s first smart city by its developers. It was said to be an ecologically responsible housing society. It is one of the RDA-approved housing societies, which is wonderful news. It received the NOC in 2019. It’s entirely safe and legal now. Due to the presence of several housing societies in the area, industrial sites will be located outside of the region. It will contribute to a green environment for the occupants. The Capital Smart City is close to the Islamabad International Airport. It is also a cash cow in the future because it is on the CPEC and Rawalpindi Ring Road routes. It will be able to pay a substantial profit to its stockholders at that point. As a result, positive cash flows will increase in Pakistan’s real estate sector. 

Taj Residencia

This is a new venture constructed by the developers of Centaurus mall. It was intended to be sold as a high-end real estate product. It offers to deliver the best luxury living complexes in Rawalpindi to its residents. The Centaurus Mall, which has a roller coaster on its rooftop, is the most significant feature that you will not find in any other RDA approved housing society. Taj Residencia received approval from the RDA and is set to open in 2019. It is situated between the I-14 and I-15 highways. Families are drawn to the property because of the inviting environment provided by the developers. Its purpose is to boost real estate investment in Pakistan as a whole. The Taj hospital, Taj educational institute, sports facility, and royal club are all important characteristics.

Top City-1

Among the RDA approved housing societies, the Top City-1 is one of the most popular. The NOC for the project allowed it to develop into 9081 kanals of Rawalpindi land. It has plots ranging in size from 5 Marlas to 10 Marlas and 1 Kanal. It is designed in such a way that it will not negatively impact the natural scenery of the area. The developers took great care to ensure that the greenery was protected. The owners ensure the resident’s safety and a better quality of life. The location is one of Rawalpindi’s most prestigious housing societies. The International Islamabad Airport is not far away. Near Top City-1, the Kashmir Highway runs. As a result, it is reachable through the Islamabad and Lahore freeways, as well as the Grand Trunk Road.

Safari Valley Bahria Town

Bahria Town was one of the earliest developments in Pakistan’s real estate industry, with the goal of providing all of the comforts and luxuries to its residents. Another of its projects is the Safari Valley. It has business centers, green areas, and a mosque, as well as all of the necessities. Safari Valley is adjacent to Adayla Road. It is surrounded by other Bahria Town projects such as Bahria Greens and Bahria Phase 8. As a result, the people will have access to the services they provide. One of the RDA approved housing societies is Safari Valley Bahria Town which was deemed valid by 4313 Kanal’s NOC permission.

Airport Green Garden

This is one of the RDA approved housing societies near Islamabad International Airport, as the name implies. The airport is only a few minutes away by car. Aside from that, it is located right next to Top City-1. The society, with its superior development standards, promises underground power supplies, high-tech hospitals, and high-quality education, among other things.

Gandhara City

It is a housing society that has been approved by the RDA. It has received NOC certification for roughly 400 Kanal of land. It increases its trustworthiness, and it is safe to pool your money. The Islamabad International Airport is close to the Gandhara City area. It takes its name from the Gandhara Civilization. The developers want to provide art facilities to Rawalpindi residents. It has never been the goal of any housing society in Pakistan’s real estate sector. Gandhara City is a lovely, inexpensive gated housing development that promotes art and culture.

DHA Phase1

Over the years, DHA has established itself as a real estate brand. With the passage of time, it has risen to the top of Pakistan’s housing schemes in terms of amenities and investment potential. It has received its NOC, just like the other housing communities. As a result, it is one of the best RDA approved housing societies. It is attempting to match the same criteria that DHA has set in Pakistan’s real estate sector. It ensures that the occupants have a luxurious lifestyle. Bahria Greens and the Bahria Civic Centre are both located in DHA Phase 1.

Central Board of Revenue

CBR Employees Co-operative Housing Society aimed to provide a high-quality living environment at a reasonable price to Rawalpindi residents. Following the success of its first phase in the Pakistani real estate market, it is preparing to launch Phase 2. CBR town was included in the list of RDA approved housing societies after receiving the NOC in 2011. Phase 2 of the project is expected to meet all of the needs of potential inhabitants, similar to phase 1 of the project. It is primarily located around the Kot Thalian interchange. From there, the Islamabad International Airport and the Islamabad Motorway are both conveniently accessible. It is almost 2300 Kanal in size.

Al-Haram City

It is the last RDA approved housing society on our list. NOC#796 was the subject of the approval. It has three main gates, making it both secure and accessible. Al-Haram City is a mix of modernism and nature. The infrastructure is being built while preserving as much natural flora as possible. It allows people to breathe fresh, clean air. It is located on Chakri Road, not far from the CMH hospital. Al-Haram City aspires to meet all of the demands of its citizens. There are a number of recreation facilities, supermarkets, a golf course, and other amenities.


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